Association of Smaller Congregations

The Association of Smaller Congregations (ASC) of the Synod of South Atlantic, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) was organized in April 1987 by a group of visionaries led by the late Rev. Foster Edwards, a PC(USA) minister in the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta.

The ASC sought to create an organization which would:

  • Encourage and support smaller congregations,
  • Promote awareness of the unique strengths and needs of smaller congregations,
  • Provide opportunities for fellowship, education, and creative thinking and sharing between smaller congregations, and
  • Facilitate communication between churches, presbyteries, and higher governing bodies.

All churches and their members within the ecclesiastical bounds of the Synod of South Atlantic, having 100 or fewer members are considered members of the ASC.

It is the hope of every member of the board that the ASC will serve to support the life and ministry of the smaller congregations in the Synod of the South Atlantic.  We hope to do this through worship, fellowship, education and prayer for the people of these congregations and for their pastors.

**The Annual ASC conference is March 13- 15, 2020.  Click on the ASC website link for the registration brochure and scroll down the page for the link: 

Conference Year 2020

We’re Back At Saint Simon’s

Join us and re-energize with worship, relaxation, & prayer at our 33rd Annual Conference & Retreat!

Association of Smaller Congregations

Sponsored by the Synod of the South Atlantic, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Dates: March 13–15, 2020
Mission: Small Tents, Big Mission
Key Scripture: Matthew 16–28

Keynote Speaker: Alonzo Johnson
Location: Epworth-by-the-Sea, St. Simons Island, GA

Alonzo Johnson is the Presbyterian Mission Agency Coordinator for the Self Development of People. A minister and educator ordained in the Presbyterian Church USA, with over 20 years’ experience working in congregational, urban ministry, youth ministry and academic settings. He is skilled in research, teaching, written and oral communication. In him you will discover a strong interest in existential, Neo-Orthodox, liberation, and postmodern theologies, Christian education and pastoral care. Creating, designing, planning and implementing workshops and events centered around spirituality, education, leadership development, sociocultural issues and pastoral care make him a key source for constructing the tents, big and small, to fulfill the Big Mission. His passion for creating, engaging and challenging arts-education ministries for youth and adults makes him an engaging presenter and facilitator.

The Association of Smaller Congregations (ASC) was organized in 1987 to serve congregations in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina having fewer than 200 members.  The group seeks in their conferences to lift up these smaller congregations, offering tools and support, promoting their unique strengths and needs, and providing opportunities for fellowship, education, creative thinking and sharing.  For more information and registration find us online and join the conversation on Facebook.   706–373-9480