Grants / Applications

2023 Grants Available to the Presbyteries
of the Synod Of South Atlantic

The Synod of South Atlantic would like to support the ministry of Jesus Christ for your presbytery by providing the following grants from various donors’ gifts, as well as from the Synod’s own funds. These funds are available in addition to the Synod mission and program funds.  The fund availability will be announced at the beginning of each year, and all applications will be considered until funds are depleted. Applications may be sent beginning each January. Please announce these grants’ availability to potential beneficiaries so they may apply. When the Synod receives an application, the Ministry Support Committee (MSC) will approve/disapprove of the application, or modify the grant amount. Spencer grants do not need Committee approval and will be sent from the office when received. If you would like to have more information, please contact the Synod office at 904.356.6070. All grant applications submitted must have prior signature approval from the home Presbytery.

Click on the Grant Name to download the application (or use the links in the table)

Application for Disaster Fund, Peacemaking Fund, Ogden Fund and Uderitz Fund
Application for Spencer Memorial Fund
Application for Hemphill Fund

Grant NameAvailable ToPurpose
Disaster Fund
Deadline — November 9, 2023
AnyFor any disaster within the Synod
Peacemaking Fund
Deadline — November 9, 2023
AnyFor any Peacemaking matter within the Synod
John and Phyllis Ogden Fund
Deadline — November 9, 2023
Any Educational Program in an Institution with a covenant with the SynodFor the furtherance of the Synod’s Educational program, with priority given to Eckerd College.
Edward H. Uderitz Fund
Deadline — November 9, 2023
Florida ChurchesDevelopment of physical structures and equipment.
Robert Olan Spencer Memorial Fund
Deadline — November 28, 2023
Presbytery identifies Inquirer/CandidateFor Inquirers and Candidates who are in an M.Div. program. Each requesting presbytery will receive $1000 for either one student, or two students, per presbytery. The Presbytery’s CPM will determine recipients.
Hemphill Fund
Deadline — December 31, 2023
Small Church (100 members or less) in South CarolinaSend application to the Association of Smaller Congregations (ASC). Address is on the form. 

Hawkins Grant:

In 2017, the Synod was the beneficiary of two estates, Howard Hawkins and Isabella Hawkins. Both wills’ designated a percentage to the Synod for theological education scholarships, totaling nearly $432,000. In 2018, the funds were invested for three years, allowing the corpus to grow. Please see the following grant application and guidelines for the 2023 Hawkins awards. Grant application deadline is July 1, 2023. 

Synod of South Atlantic Funding for Mission and Purpose

The following managed and temporarily restricted funds are being utilized through 2023 to help fulfill the adopted Synod mission and purpose:


Georgia Transformational Interest
Synod Executive Scholarship Fund

FundCurrent Synod/Donor Designation and Use
Westcott / NMPFor religious or educational purposes only
UrieEducation for ruling elders
UderitzTo be used to fulfill Synod mission and purpose
Georgia Transformational InterestInterest to be used to fulfill Synod mission and purpose
Synod Executive Scholarship FundEducation and leadership development for church leaders
SimpsonTo be used to fulfill Synod mission and purpose

Contact the Synod office at for any questions.